September 28, 2021

Beth Macy Interview

In anticipation of the October 13, 2021 airing of the Hulu mini-series "Dopesick", here is my August 2018 interview with the author of the book "Dopesick", Beth Macy. Beth was kind enough to visit us at WSCA during her book tour. 


Hosted and produced by Lorna Simes; post-production and engineering by Mark Lefebvre for WSCA Radio

January 11, 2021

Michael Grecco Interview

Interview with renown author and photojournalist Michael Grecco regarding his book "Punk, Post-Punk, New Wave....", a expose on the Boston music and club scene from the late 70's to mid-80's.

Curated, hosted and produced by Mark Lefebvre for WSCA.

International singer/songwriter Sam Bartells joins us for Episode 20 of Faded to discuss his personal story of recovery, including the role and influence of music in his life and as a vessel for providing inspiration to those in need of hope.

In Episode 19, Chad Lentscher walks us through his experience in the recovery community and the impact the journey of recovery has had on his own life. We discuss Chris and Chad's views on varying recovery methods, and the realities of time and willingness in support of true change in the process.

Curated and recorded by Jackie Barry; produced by Mark Lefebvre for WSCA.

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