This week we talk to Kerry Norton, a family member in recovery. Kerry is founder and executive director of Hope on Haven Hill a residential treatment center for expecting and new moms. She is a pillar in the Seacoast, southern Maine and Strafford County recovery community. We are blessed to hear her story.

Curated, hosted, recorded and produced by Mark Lefebvre for WSCA

In Episode 9, we spend time with our trusted partner and fellow recovery soldier, Mark Lefebvre - aka "Scurvy Dog" - on his current projects in support of the addiction community, and his personal connection to our family. He shares his own recovery story, including insights into childhood trauma, the double life of addiction, experiences with dual diagnosis, and the beauty and purpose of family. We are thrilled to have such a wonderful partner and friend join us. Thank you, Mark, for everything you do!

Curated, hosted and recorded by Jackie Barry. Produced by Mark Lefebvre for WSCA.

In this episode, we are joined by Jackie's and Chris' sister, Megan Barry who shares her account of Chris' stories from a different perspective. We get into some of the memories she has being close with Chris and the moments of pause she wonders, in hindsight, if she should have acted on. We learn how the message and teachings of recovery has affected her life since then, and introduce her plea to those wondering how to tackle the disease of addiction - "Know your people". We love you, Meg!

Curated, hosted and recorded by Jackie Barry; produced by Mark Lefebvre for WSCA.

We're back after a brief pause to acknowledge our stance in solidarity for the black community. Thank you all for your dedication to listening, understanding, educating, and being a part of larger change. In today's episode, we dig deeper into one of the most powerful healing tools of the 12 Steps - nightly inventory. Join us for an analysis of this practice before we tackle the answers to some of your great (!) listener questions. Plus, Chris let's us in on a fitting story of a recent emergency of his own that helped to answer one of your burning questions. Enjoy!

This episode is curated, hosted and recorded by Jackie Barry; produced by Mark Lefebvre for WSCA.

Welcome to Episode One of the “Thanks for Asking” chapter of the WSCA Addiction & Recovery Podcast Series. This week we hear from Rebecca, from Kittery Maine who shares her experience, strength and hope as both a recovering alcoholic and a family member dealing with loved ones also affected by alcoholism and addiction.

“Thanks for Asking” features the stories of family members coping with addiction and recovery of their loved ones and is fundamentally about hope - hope for individuals and families who struggle with addiction. Our episodes feature sons, daughters, moms, dads, sisters and brothers who have struggled to find their way out of the abyss of addiction, and are willing to share their experiences with others. 

If you live in NH and want more information about services for individuals and families dealing with addiction, please visit the NH Doorway at Mark Lefebvre can be contacted at 

This podcast is curated, recorded, hosted and produced by Mark Lefebvre for WSCA.

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